Benefits of Keeping a Journal

Writing in a journal is a very good way to track and record your personal feelings and experiences. Journaling is also a great way to express your feelings and ideas, your fears, sorrows, and joys. It is a simple tool you can give to yourself.

• Reduces stress.
• Set goals.
• Organizes your thoughts
• Helps you focus.
• Improves well-being.
• If you write it down, you get it out.
• There is power in the expression of writing.
• Creates a routine and habit of journaling, which means making time for you.
• Start your journal on any day of the year, in any year.
• Journal entries record the day, tracking your life.
• You can better understand and accept yourself and others.
• You tell your story - your ideas, dreams and experiences.
• You can compare and explore the times of your life.
• Helps you correlate teachings and beliefs you have learned.
• Creates a good personal reminder. Easier to see patterns, changes and beliefs.
• Provides personal growth and freedom.
• Becomes a treasured keepsake, a written scrapbook.
• Catalogs your memories.
• Records and tracks business, personal or financial information.
• Journals are a great gift for your soul.