Pawpaw's Hat  

Pawpaw's Hat is a book about Alzheimer's. It is based on a true story of my Dad, and how his grandchildren dealt with his illness. It not only explains some of the aspects of Alzheimer's, but it also provides some coping skills that we found helpful. It has places for journaling, photos, and "venting." There are no “happily ever afters” with Alzheimer’s. It is a cruel disease that only takes. It is my hope that this book might help those who are facing this dreaded disease. It is important to remember the good, to learn from the bad, and to accept that you will all grow from this experience. There is no rule book to follow, and each situation will be unique. The young will suffer right along with the old, and they will often hide it the most. A good support group is key, but also remember patience and laughter.

A portion of every dollar from this book is going to the Alzheimer’s Association and to Hospice. Let us all hope that a cure is near.

For additional copies, please send $12 (check or money order) to:

Sarah Crutchfield
4012 Stonewall Tell Road
College Park, Georgia 30349